12 Daze of Summer.

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12 Daze of Summer

Two years ago, with the help of some really great friends, I managed to fulfill a long time dream. After working in bicycle shops for over 10 years, both east and west coast, I couldn’t help but feel like shop life is a sitcom that writes itself daily. The range of characters you encounter both as colleagues and customers is fascinating bruh. Originally I wanted to shoot each episode myself and keep things lo-fi, but the more I shared the idea with folks, the more they offered their expertise. Before I knew it we had two shooters, lights, boom mics… the whole nine, and 12 Daze of Summer was coming to life.

You can read about what prompted my release of this video here.

I just want to thank everyone who was involved. The homie Christian was coming off of a accident where he was hit by a car while working his courier gig. Dude trooped through each scene like a true soldier. Shout outs to Pat and Frankie for fucking with the vision and capturing everything! Ya put on OD for the cause, many thanks! Big ups to the crew of actors! I can’t believe you guys were down to help bring it to life! Thank you for all your patience and efforts. Again, not possible without you. And last but most definitely not least, my extremely talented wife Diana for never letting me deviate from the course. For coming through the night of the shoot, watching the clock, and cracking that whip. You’re the real MVP shorty ?

With no further ado, 12 Daze of Summer: