A couple of pics

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“Shout out to the Tav” – Shawn Foley in the Cat 6 Chismes interview with the Foley brothers.


Blaise’s commuter parked along side my road bike in Astoria Tavern.

Winter is knocking on the door and I have to pick and choose the days I get to go and really ride. You see, the way my knees are set up, I just can’t bang out in this weather and not feel the consequences. So I get in where I fit in, if I can ride the rollers and listen to records for new samples, I’m good.


Tight quarters.

Been putting in a bunch of work with Gabe and Jason making the Cat 6 Chismes podcast episodes. Anthony Firetto reworked the logo for us and it looks great. So great in fact, Gabe got it tattooed on the back of his calf.


Moments before getting inked at Sepelio Tattoo on Roosevelt and 88th st in Queens.


Lining it up.

That’s all I got for now, but stay tuned for the giant end of year photo dump post!