Audio Scribble


The Audible Scribble series is a Life Work of sorts. Don’t expect them, they’ll just come. These have all been produced entirely by me. They are some guest appearances and I’ll be sure to link as may contributors as soon possible. For now, clear your mind and relaaaaaaaaaxxx. Yes, I know Volume two is missing, it’s called “RETARDSAYWHAT!?” and has been under wraps for many years now. I’ve included a video produced by Beerman where in which one of the tracks from Volume 2 was used as theme music.


Audio Scribble Volume 1: Nocturnal Emissions


Audio Scribble Volume 2: RETARDSAYWHAT!?

“Ninja Roll” featuring Ybrik.

As heard on Beermans edit of the Scumbag Invitational. Circa ’09

Audio Scribble Volume 3: Scotch Tape and Staples


Audio Scribble. Volume, for Chaka.