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Breakfast with Tony

Tony’s Bicycles When I first moved to New York back in February of 2010, I had the privilege of working with some great people out in Astoria. Before arriving in… Read more »

A couple of pics

“Shout out to the Tav” – Shawn Foley in the Cat 6 Chismes interview with the Foley brothers. Winter is knocking on the door and I have to pick and… Read more »

Le Christian

Skuurt!   And just like that, homie was out. I met Christian while he was working at Dutch express I believe. He was the first city courier that lived locally… Read more »

Not so Mean Jean

Episode two of the Cat 6 Chisme podcast is up for those of you who haven’t already heard. It’s an interview with young Jean aka Mean Jean aka Young Milton…. Read more »