Cinelli Work Frameset Review

SSCX, commuter, work or track bike, this thing does whatever I want.

Back in 2014 while at Interbike, was when I first laid eyes on the Cinelli Work frame. They had one built up in the Cinelli booth and it was definitely a show stopper. The bike is very easy to appreciate by any cycling enthusiast. Being a Gilroy native, I was part of the mid school BMX generation after guys like Joey Garcia and Chad Kagy had already blown up. Joey had a signature frame set from Schwinn back then called the “El Jefe.” Back then I wanted nothing more than one of these frames, not only because it was the product of a fellow GileƱo, but the raw paint job. This bike was sessi! They left the burn marks from the welds and simply clear coated the frame. That was the first bike I ever seen with a raw finish. The patina love is mad real also. If you catch feels every time your ride gets a scratch do not buy this frameset. If you’re into the Mad Max look, do cop. Official.

I’ve also owned the Cinelli Mash sscx in the past and absolutely loved it. Owning the sscx spoiled me a bunch, it’s super light and zero toe overlap just how I like them. The work isn’t like that at all. The Work draws more from track and street riding. Nimble tight geometry to whip through the city.

Come 2016 and I’ve been riding the bike for a little less than two years. Cunningham Park here in Queens is my local trail and I’ve taken the Work out there with both risers and drops. The bike is sturdy as all hell. I’ll never forget the first time I rode it off road… Straight into a stump that was covered by some shrubs, OTB, all that. That diesel fork did it’s thing! Everything was straight and the Chris King Headset stayed put. Love those things. The toe overlap was my only issue while riding it off road, the trail is kind of technical and because I would try to pedal through some turns in the beginning, I’d end up catching the tire with my shoe. This is easily fixed by not pedaling through turns. Unless of course you’re trying to do some kind of tracklocross on a technical trail.

The issue with 144bcd cranks is legit on the first run of the Cinelli Work frame. The cranks I put on were Omniums and I just filed down the backside of the chainring bolts to beat the rub. It was fine and I didn’t mind filing them. Right now I’m running a Rival crank with 40t Race Face chainring. My Campy’s had too much rub to run where as my Dura Ace 7710’s didn’t have any. Cinelli has since fixed this issue with the dark smoke v2.




Photo by Christian Wisdom

Verdict on the Cinelli Work

For the last two years I’ve flown to Las Vegas for the trade show with this bike. It’s my lock up joint. Bottom b status one hundred. This was my first time racing the Cinelli Work. I liked it. It’s reassuring when you know you have a solid stead. If this bike can handle TSA, it can handle anything I’m gonna throw at it. The versatility is my biggest selling point.

Look at that face, sold.

With all of that being said, Here’s the hashtag for my ever changing build.

Lupita gets that Work.


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