ON the Bike

A Bay Area BMX mid/new school classic, shot, produced and edited by Ché Holts. This was my first time working with Ché. I remember meeting him and he had the Kanye swag before Kanye did. It was crazy. People didn’t know what to make of him most of the time. He would give you this cold stare that would catches you off guard and leaves you wondering if he was in fact serious. Those were the days. Great dude with an uncanny eye behind the lens. Filming bmx back in the day was always super funny to me, “hey, can you do that again” is a pretty common phrase. I’ll stop writing and just let you watch the video. Ché is still shooting, you can find Mr. Holts here.

This footage was shot over a pretty long period of time. Many a road trip as well as a bunch of visitors to our San Diego bmx house. Ché told me he had an opportunity to put together a section for Shook, a bmx video magazine and I was of course down to work with him again. I gave him all the footage I had from my mini dv camera at the time (all my tapes ended up getting stolen out of his Jeep Cherokee, that I ended up buying from him later on) and we set out to film some more to fill the section. I watch this video and it brings back so many great memories, I really can’t thank him enough for helping me capture and ultimately “externalize” these moments. Nothing but LOVE for you homie!