Getting back on the Horse

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Other than removing and replacing the handlebars and stem on my bmx bike, I haven’t touched it since the day I broke my arm. It’s literally been sitting the whole time, and now Andy is set to arrive in NYC this evening.IMG_5391Well, I’m as ready for an all night street ride as I’ll ever be, B. Since getting my cast off, I’ve done lots of riding both on and off road as well as registered with the USAC in order to race for the rest of the year. Getting back on the horse has been something I’ve yet to take on. So tonight it is! I’ve been anticipating the moment I go for my first bunny hop. My bmx is the heaviest bike I own, as well as the one that requires the most use of my recovering elbow. I guess you could say I’m nervous? Last week I started physical therapy and my therapist was astonished by my range of motion and lack of pain..IMG_5120Both of which I attribute to cycling. I’ve literally rode to recovery. If you’re in NYC and want to shred some bmx tonight hit me on the hip.

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