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And just like that, homie was out.

I met Christian while he was working at Dutch express I believe. He was the first city courier that lived locally and was a regular at the shop. He would come in on his way home from a long day, hang around the shop, ask a million questions and relay tales from his daily experiences in the city. Being from Arizona and myself from California, we’d always go on NYC taco hating tirades. The more I hung out with Christian, the more I realized we had in common. We’re both gear heads. When he told about the music equipment he sold before moving out to New York I was blown away. He had to free up funds and cut baggage, so he did. After relocating, he added bicycles to his obsession, then camera equipment. Since we both love music, bicycles, and photography, it’s easy to see how the geekery developed.

Christian left NYC this morning after a pretty solid tenure. He went from working from working on the streets as a messenger (all because of his love for the movie “Quicksilver”), to dispatching messengers, then managing a messenger company. Basically the American Dream via bicycle. Before he was “Big Body Chris,” he was Le Christian, aka the Weekender. Riding somewhere between 70-100 miles a day kept him super fit (see first image). Once he got that office job and met his now fiancĂ©, homie started packing on the pounds. Last summer we rode out to Philadelphia pretty much on a whim. Just the two of us on a fantastic voyage. We arrived, ate cheese steaks, (from both Gino’s and Pat’s back to back) had a few beers and then took the bolt bus back to the city. I know that he completely understood my level of fulfillment as we’d spoke about the ride for some tie leading up to it. It was such a great day! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Chris you know he’s very animated, at some point we were riding past a firework warehouse and he starts screaming, “we have to stop!” Needless to say we filled our bags with roman candles and bottle rockets.

Damn, I could go on and on about all the funny stories we’ve shared. I know I have a friend for life in Christian and got homies back at the drop of a dime. Friends, coworkers, collaborators (be on the look out for that Vicious Circus EP!), and riding partners are only a few of the titles we share. I can’t wait to meet up with him out in the Bay Area and show him what REAL tacos are all about!!!

I wish you and Liz nothing but the best wherever life takes you homie.

Be well brother.

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