MASH Work Overnight in the Blizzard

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The blizzard neglect is mad real ya!

How about that random blizzard we just got a couple days after it was 65 degrees? Super windy with flurries for hours. I meant to bring my lock up jawn inside, but totally forgot once the weather became gross. Lupita sat out in the blizzard and eventually under a bunch of fluffy white snow. Come today and I need the bike to get out to the Monster Track pre-party and it’s literally under ten inches of frozen snow. I tried to strong arm it and just pull the bike up through the snow, to no avail. Eventually I just used my Tims to kick through the snow until I could break the bike free without busting any spokes. All’s well that ends well right? When I pulled it out, the wheels brought some souvenirs they couldn’t let go of.

mash work blizzard snow

So much snow in my drivetrain!

mash work blizzard snow

Chunks on chunks on chunks

mash work blizzard snow nyc

Never let go Jack.

Of course I had to shoot a couple of flicks and share.

mash work blizzard snow nyc dura ace 7710

The disrespect!

She’s out in the sun defrosting at the moment.

mash work blizzard snow nyc HED BElgiums

This is exactly why you ride HED Belgiums

The neglect is real around here!


I’ve already wrote a review praising this bicycle for it’s versatility and solid nature. ( I know someone who cracked 2 already, but he a BIG man that get’s it POPPIN’ in the streets bai, shouts out to the C6 racing team ya!)

That’s all I got for now, oh yeah! I got accepted to the Red Hook Crit, but I also start a new job tomorrow so hopefully they’ll show me some love with the day off! It’s actually pretty funny that I’m going to be planning one of the biggest RHC parties in NYC yet trying to race the event the following day.

That’s all I got for now folks. If you’re going to be at Red Lantern tonight for the MT party, see you there!