Meet Your Maker: Firefly @ Maglia Rosa

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I’ve been meaning to get out to Maglia Rosa for a Meet Your Maker night for some time now. Having been to the shop once before, I already knew I was in for a treat. Maglia Rosa is a small shop in the Carrol Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. A cafe/bicycle boutique with enough bicycle eye candy to keep you dreaming of your next build. Two things Italians are particularly good at, coffee and bicycles, the shops owner Manuel Mainardi is no exception.

Frame lug, titanium, frame, builder, firefly

Great bikes, good drinks and good people.

Space is pretty limited, so admission is by rsvp and fills up pretty quickly. Those interested should give Maglia Rosa a follow on Instagram for the latest news.

Frame lug, titanium, frame, builder, firefly

The Founders, and 3/4 of the Firefly team. L-R Tyler Evans, Kevin Wolfson, and Jamie Medeiros.

At about 7:30 it was showtime. Tyler, Kevin and Jaime spent sometime breaking down their personal origins in the business, as well as some of the trials and tribulations they encountered along their journey. All three having roots/settled in the Boston area, decided to stay when their former employer, Independent Fabrications, moved to New Hampshire. I won’t recap their entire story here, but if you can ever get the backstory behind their first shop, I highly recommend it!

Frame lug, titanium, frame, builder, firefly

All the pretty colors, except orange, no orange… not yet at least.

Part of that backstory from their first shop led to Jamie’s interest in anodization as an alternative to decals. They now offer some of the most eye catching Ti finishes around. Check out their Instagram page for some in house shoots of their beautiful machines.

Frame lug, titanium, frame, builder, firefly

Tyler breaking down part of their tube butting process.

Another bit I was particularly impressed by, Jamie has a formula that helps determine where and how much tube butting is appropriate according to the physical build and cycling needs of the rider. It’s one thing to buy a butted tube set and cut it to size, it’s another level of customization when you’re individually butting tubes for each frame you build.

Frame lug, titanium, frame, builder, firefly

When the customer initially want a pump peg, then realizes they’d rather have their rear brake cable on the bottom of the top tube way more. You get a sweet, raw lug to pass around!

Between the hors d’oeuvres, the drinks and the great guest speakers, last night was pretty rad. Huge thank you to the guys over at Maglia Rosa for hosting and the Firefly team for sharing!

Maglia Rosa

Maglia Rosa store front.