FNG at Chrome SoHo

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It’s a new world

For a little over a month now I’ve been working as the new store manager at the Chrome Industries store in SoHo. It’s been challenging to say the least. I’m constantly asked, “How’s the new job?”

To which I often respond, “It’s cool.”


chrome bike blender

This is the first iteration of my bicycle blender.

The job itself is actually pretty cool. Chrome has always had a reputation for being a company that throws rad parties and events. I came on at a pretty busy time of year, there were a few events already scheduled for the month of April including the Red Hook Crit party. As the manager it’s my job to make sure everything goes smoothly, and it of course did.

chrome rhc party

RHC pre party goers at the Chrome store.

Chrome pouch game poppin’

A big part of the the store is our in house customs and repairs. We have sewing machines on site and can customize a bag or repair one under our 365 to life guaranty. This is the area of the shop where I have the least experience, and by least I mean almost none. For me this is the most interesting part of the job. I’ve been taking the time to learn as much as I can about the machines as well as the art of sewing. After a few weeks, with some help from our seamstress, I made a hip pouch.

chrome burrito pouch

Spare tube, tools, co2 inflator & SF burrito courtesy Kuya Elmer.

I did everything with the exception of the tape, (black trim) we have a separate machine we use for taping and I’m not really comfortable using that one yet. It’s like riding someone’s bike or driving their car, you have to become familiar with the gear before you can rock out.  I’d always wanted one of the Chrome hip pouches but since I have the old school North Face ones, it just didn’t happen. With the opportunity to make one, I couldn’t resist. Sewing isn’t easy, but it is extremely rewarding. Being able to use something you made is a great feeling.

If this pouch had wheels, they’d never fall off.

I’m on my Zen shit

Spring is almost over and the “season” will soon be here. It’s wild to think how much my life has changed over the course of the last year. I’ll spare you all the long drawn out story filled with adversity and triumph, & leave you with this:

sea of buddha

MOOD (photo by @wavebaptist)