New (used) Bike Day/Interbike

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Quite possibly one of the best days known to man. If you’re reading this I’m sure you can agree. Few things compare to the feeling of a new ride. Especially when you’ve done a bunch of geometric research which brought you to your new acquisition. Being the owner (past and present) a LOT of bicycles, I’d almost consider myself an expert on new bike day. It’s a hell of a feeling. The amount of satisfaction can’t be captured with mere words.


Curtis Low//

Well, the track season is officially over and of course I wish I’d raced more. I was only able to partake in 4 weeks of the Twilight Series at Kissena after changing my work schedule. Better to have raced and lost, than never have raced at all? Well, I took first one week and second twice with one fourth place finish respectively. Hey man, moving from cat 6 to cat 5 was hard enough, and I suppose now that I’ve completed my four inaugural races, next season I’ll have to make that leap to category 4. It’s really funny for me to think that I’ve been living in NYC for 7 years and have only now really started to delve into competitive cycling.


I rode the Caad 10 for a little less than 2 years. The bike was great for my needs at the time. But when I stated to think about racing I wanted an actual track bike, not a road bike with track drop outs. So, when this Low popped up for sale at a great price I had to jump on it. From the moment I took it on that first test ride, I knew this was the one. Not to mention handmade in the good old U S of A.


Laced my rear Zipp Firecrest to a track hub just so I can be a H.O.E.


As I mentioned, track is over. I sold off the Caad and some spare parts to fund the Low and broke even, it’s almost as if I traded the Caad 10 for the Low. Fair enough.

I think this where I’m supposed to mention “cross is here?”


This photo is from the first time I rode cross at Cunningham. Note the metal toe clips, 48t chain ring, carbon seat post, and road stem. The bars moved, I broke a strap, and potentially took some life off my knees with that street bike gear set up.

I’ve been riding a CInelli Mash SSCX for the past 2 years. I’ve even gone as far as to say, “If I could only keep one 700c bike this would be the one. Boy did I lie. Well, kinda. I really loved that bike. When I first built it up, It was a fixed gear with street tires and no brakes. Zero toe overlap combined with with the aluminum carbon combo meant a light bike that I could get loose on without worrying much. Then I threw dirt tires on it and fell in love with Cunningham parks MTB trails. This pic is from the first time I rode the bike out in Cunningham park. So naive. Hahaha, I actually did alright other than breaking a toe cage and eventually destroying these wheels. (editors note: the wheels were actually great for trail riding but they couldn’t handle me crashing while trying to jump actual doubles) The trails are technical enough that the bikes nibble nature felt like an advantage. Not to mention the trails never gets too gnarly so 700’s make for a great time. Long story long, after racing that bike I felt like I could benefit from a couple of gears in a race environment. I could hold my own with the mountain bikes at Cunningham, but I started to think about the coming cross season and what gears could do for me.


Farewell Coco Cinelli, may those who are graced by your service appreciate you as I did.

Back when I was in San Diego I was working at an Independent Fabrications dealer. These bikes were amazing, and they had the price tags to prove it. I always thought the titanium models were beautiful. This was before I had any sort of interest in riding adult bicycles. I was still enthralled with BMX for she was my first love and my captivation was unwavering. I’m just saying the ti frames looked cool. Their pain jobs were also pretty sweet. The three quarter joints got this classic look and I can’t help but feel some type of way. After months of searching one presented itself and I knew I had to make a move. Used bikes that fit and are in good condition are pretty hard to come by. That has of course become much easier now with apps where you can create alerts for certain search phrases. So I got on my Arslan ish and made moves.

Meet Rosie:


Rosie in the woods

1 1/8th steer tube, external headset, with an english bottom bracket and cantilever brake mounts. Not exactly the easiest bike to find! I’ve been riding my road wheels while waiting for the parts to lace my cross joints. Ohhh, the life of a bicycle enthusiast.


I started this post some time ago and I never got around to finishing it. I just turned on my 9 year old laptop and logged in. I’ve been meaning to post the changes to the stable but now this post just doubled with life.

I’ve since gone to Interbike.
My flight to Las Vegas was great! 5:40 out of JFK to get scooped at the terminal by Christian. I of course got there on time but the bag check played my bike box extra hard. It wasn’t really a problem other than all time they made me wait while they figured out where the box was. Eventually we were able to leave the airport and hit the A&W. You already knew, we threw down.This was my third time attending the Interbike show, but my first time checking out Dirt Demo. Overall I was the loving the concept, show up and trade you ID for whatever bike you would like to take in the dirt. Great, right? Right. Absolutely. 100%

Estorga said top 5 straight up

Big Body Chris said he wanted to try out these bikes make out of wood, so we did. Mine broke.End of story.

I felt bad terrible for breaking this beautiful piece of art. But why would you let a cyclist ride it?

What’s more important is that I bruised my ribs. Have you ever done that shit? I’ve had a lot of injuries in my days, and I’ll be the first to say, bruised/broken ribs is absolutely terrible b. This the type of shit you wish on your enemies. Don’t die, exist in perpetual pain. I’m just kidding, but it was pretty bad for a minute. I love when I tell someone and completely understand because it’s happened to them. I feel like I was just writing the recovery post yesterday and now I’m writing about another injury. This year’s been interesting on the bike. I guess that’s a chill segue into Cross Vegas.
Cross Vegas, will make you work. I watched it in the faces of the men and women who did it beside me. Wheeling and Dealing, a race for industry employees. Racing on a world cup course, excellent.

Views from the starting line.

Because of the rib ordeal I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to “compete” the next day and even considered selling my entry to someone else. Within hours of the start Body pulled up in the whip n we was out to CV. We arrived right after registration closed but still had time to get my number and line up for the start. #178. When I say we were deep, I mean, we were DEEEEEEEEP

Sideline Bling

Paint scheme

My mans JC was in the same row, but had a technical issue with his bike after one lap. Anywho, (as young Jean would say) I finished the race #77. Couldn’t be happier with my performance. Some of the faces I seen after the second lap were priceless and clear indicators that this race was in fact for everybody.


Young TCB Gawd

The show was chill, per usual.


Body dippin’ on the strip


Dat Ritchey doe

Here’s a quick Interbike gallery.

Well, I guess that puts me back here in New York.

Back to the grind.

Be sure and check out the Cat 6 Podcast if you haven’t already. I do all the production hwile my homies Gabe Electronica & Bucketz do the interviewing.

That’s all folks!

Peace World!


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