North Face Commutr Glove Review

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North Face Commutr Gloves

Fall is here my G and winter is right around the corner. I typically don’t wear gloves while I’m out riding unless it’s off road, but it’s glove season. When I was a kid riding the BMX, I was never a glove person unless I was riding trails. Cycling in a city with four seasons requires the use of gloves no matter who you are. There’s just no way around it, if you’re going to ride in the winter, you need gloves. Right now my commute from Woodside to SoHo is about 25-30 minutes. I think identifying the amount of time you need to be outside is crucial when purchasing a set of winter riding gloves. The rule of thumb when dressing for cold weather is; to be as close to your start body temp when the ride is over. You have to account for how long you’re going to be riding, what the temperature is, how intense the ride will be… The list goes on, but those are the major points to cover. Everyone loves the layer conversation and having options is everything. I never thought I’d be so deep in the glove game, but I love riding my bike and your fingers are always one of the first things to get cold when it’s brick out. Layering gloves in deep winter is always an option for longer rides! I’ve owned a shitload of gloves in the 8 years I’ve been living in NYC. Everything from full cotton, neoprene, lobster fingers ect ect and now these jersey faced fleece joints.

North Face Catalogue


Jersey faced fleece, I honestly had to look it up. When you flip the glove inside out you can see the easily recognizable short fleece, but the outside is smooth and tightly woven. My favorite feature is the leather on the palms and finger contact points. They have a small amount of stretch and are super easy to get on and off. I think they did a great job of balancing a sleek glove with all the function you need for the quick rides in brick city or the longer autumn jaunts. The bits of reflective help when hand signal at night so that’s a plus. Hey kids, always remember safety first. Aside from those features they also have a clip system which attaches the two gloves to one another for storage. Official tissue.

My commuter currently has risers and bar tape.


Now that I’ve had them for a minute I can say they’re definitely holding up. I really like the leather additions, they help a ton with gripping a brake lever. I know where my cut off is with them for sure though, 30 minutes with moderate wind, 37/38 degrees is the bottom. Anything lower in temperature and I wear a more insulated glove. Same with rain, if it’s sprinkling, you’ll be fine with these but if it’s pouring, fuhgettaboutit. Side note, the big homie Gabe busted one of the seams soon after copping. It’s kinda funny, we both copped the same gloves separately without any prior conversation. They have a very clean aesthetic and I always get compliments on how dope these gloves look. North Face does offer a lifetime warranty, but shout to Gabe’s Mom who repaired the glove herself. This may have been a one off, but Gabe also breaks EVERYTHING. So there’s that. The North Face Commutr looks great and works with your phone from what I hear. I personally don’t try to use my phone when I have gloves on, but if that’s your thing, NF got you fam. You already knew they’re official. It’s North Face. If you want a sleek glove that’ll hold you down in “moderately cold weather,” look no further.