PNW Pt. 2 – Portland aka Club Wet Wet

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Club Wet Wet

After spending a couple of days in Seattle I made my way down to Portland with the rest of the Chrome crew. If you haven’t peeped the write up on MFG Cross at Magnuson, head over to for that good recap one time.


It had been years, mandatory selfie with mans.

Before copping my ticket I hit up the homie San Agustin to see if he’d be around while I was in town. I lucked out and we made plans to go ride some mountain bikes. Mother nature had other ideas, so we ended up checking out forest park on our CX bikes. Club Wet Wet.  


Wet Wet, not muddy.

When I seen Chris pull up with shorts on and waterproof shoe covers, I knew I fucked up. Here we were in this Wet Wet environment, and I’m rocking some Adidas Climacool joints. It pretty much rained the entire time we rode. Regular Portland vibes. One of my favorite exchanges from the weekend was, “how long have you been living in Portland?”

“Who me, oh I’ve been WET for over ten years now.”


Firelane 5 was closed.

C6 vibes

After chasing Chris down the trail I followed him across town to Velo Cult, where we grabbed some lunch.



Velo Cult

I’d been to the shop when it was in San Diego, so I kind of had an idea of what to expect, but I was I wrong, that shops come a long way from the shop in SD. It’s basically a mountain bike museum chronicling the glory years of 26″ rompers. Great place to pass by for some solid eye candy! Also, We got the spicy sando, that shit was spicy fo’real fo’real! So good! Kuddos to them for not being afraid of making a hot sandwich. Came through with mad raw jalapenos n all that! Sorry, no food pics.


Dueling, truing.

Portland family vehicle.

Pursuit in Portland.

21st Ave Bicycles

Whenever I’m in a new place I like to try and check out at least one bike shop. While on my way to meet up some family for drinks, I passed a spot that had a Crust hanging in the window! The shop was 21st Avenue Bikes, & there was no way I was going to pass this one up. Besides, it was raining (big surprise) and I figured I might catch a dry window if I hung out for a minute.


Wide Bar Gang

The folks in the shop were super friendly and welcoming. They took a photo of my C6 jacket, I think a friend of theirs has a shop called “Cat 6.” The more we chatted the more I remembered how fun it can be to work in a shop. From the mutual appreciation for bicycles and their nuances to the kooky build/mod requests, it takes a kind soul to appreciate these things.


Waterproof container action, shmoney.

Chrome HQ Portland

This trip was more than I could have asked for. I had the privilege of racing bicycles with my awesome coworkers at Chrome out in Seattle. Shouts to the Pizza Pals! I got to reconnect with a bunch of old BMX homies who all ride adult bikes now. Not to mention hanging out at the Chrome Industries HQ for a couple days to peep all the new fire on deck. I’m hyped to be a part of the current wave (insert shaka emoji)


Chrome Store Managers Photo by Matt Reyes

That wraps up my time in the Northwest. Much love and appreciation to all the fam that I was able to link up with. Y’all made the whole trip special and kept me in smiling non stop. Shouts to all my Chrome Industries family, I fox wit ya heavy my G’s.