Supercross Cup Predictor

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I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while now. I’m racing both days of the Supercross Cup and my parents arrive Sunday evening. As if this wasn’t enough to cause some kind of angst, the cross results race predictor caught a bug and has me predicted to win.


I looked up how this works and I should be predicted at 56th or something… Pretty sure there’s a glitch in the Matrix.




The pressure is mad real out here!

I didn’t even know this existed, until a friend of mine texted me I was predicted to win. I thought he was talking gambling odds to be honest. Then I looked it up and to my surprise the algorithm was indeed playing favorites. Well, if that’s the case and somehow the race organizers line us up by this predictor, I’ll take whatever kind of bone they’re gonna throw me.

Cyclocross is the most fun I can have on a bike these days. If anyone wants to get out to Cunningham and shred, hit me up! It’s practically my backyard.






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