Verse is Coming

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Sal Flores aka UniverSal is a cornerstone of the Gilroy Hip Hop scene. I remember riding my bmx out to his block on Chesbro and break dancing with him and his crew. Sal was always really good at any element of hip hop. If there was a hip hop pentathlon, Sal would probably win. Homie was also a skateboarder so we’d cross paths at the Gilroy skate park all the time growing up. Our parents raised us with very similar soundtracks consisting of mainly oldies and funk, so we really clicked musically. Some of the earliest recordings I did were with Sal, and the first time I was featured as a guest on someone’s project was with Sal. As a teammate, this dude will bring the best out of you. Here’s a pic I snapped of him and his daughter Maya at El Roble park in Gilroy. Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 12.29.35 AM

Sal’s now in his early thirties like myself and even though he works a full time gig to make ends, he still makes it a point to retain his passion for musical creation. He’s still making beats as well as getting in the studio and sharing his stories.

He’ll be visiting Nyc this coming weekend for the Mission Underground Music Conference. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull of some kind of “I’m press” move and bring my camera in. We’ll see. Either way I’m way excited to have one of my FOCHO¬† brothers come out and stay for a weekend. It’ll be nice to work on music and jam with the homie.


Safe travels pa

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